Who is Simon?

Simon Wade has been involved in the window industry since the early 80’s when aluminium windows were fitted into hardwood frames and were the replacement window of choice. He has owned a small family business in Rugby for several years fitting windows, doors and building conservatories.

Simon is fascinated by all types and styles of windows and doors, starting from the high tech modern examples which make homes as energy efficient, secure and as easily maintainable as possible to the exquisitely beautiful traditional timber and steel going back over the centuries.

He is not a qualified architect, archaeologist or expert on fenestration, but simply a lover of beautiful windows and doors. Simon is fascinated by the way they can complement the style of a building with period features, how colours have been chosen to match the brickwork, stained glass patterns to depict stories or familiar images and the whole range of leaded patterns and Georgian bars.

Why did he start writing a blog?

A couple of years ago during a trip to Bruges, his wife asked him what he had been taking photograph’s of. It was a surprise and something of a shock to her that the camera’s memory card was filled with pictures of windows and doors. The idea of a blog was formed so that his love of all things glazing can be shared.

Thank you for looking and hopefully, if you have got this far you are also harbouring a passion for windows and doors. He hopes you enjoy these photograph’s, not necessarily in an academic sense but simply to enjoy a record of some fascinating and beautiful styles and colours.