They’re posh at the top of the hill

Murray Road in Rugby runs downhill from the town centre to the railway station, at the bottom of the Road was the workshops factories and station yard.

The workers bought the houses at the bottom of the hill and the managers at the top. The houses at the top are generally bigger and have fancier doors and fittings.

Here is an example of beautifully designed intricate stained glass door side panels and top light.

British class system on display!


Doors to make an entrance

These doors in the town of Shrewsbury show how one can make a statement to visitors by there size position and ornamentation.

The first one is almost humble in its size and proportion but is belied by its beautiful and intricate lead work.

The second one (white one) deliberately offers a grand approach to visitors and one can only imagine the opulence behind the door, but first one must climb the stairs.

The third one is all about scale and grandeur, the proportion of the entrance being exaggerated by the white painted render and the crescent shaped top light.