They’re posh at the top of the hill

Murray Road in Rugby runs downhill from the town centre to the railway station, at the bottom of the Road was the workshops factories and station yard.

The workers bought the houses at the bottom of the hill and the managers at the top. The houses at the top are generally bigger and have fancier doors and fittings.

Here is an example of beautifully designed intricate stained glass door side panels and top light.

British class system on display!


Look up!

Here is a reminder that the best views are not necessarily at eye level and this window above a shop in Keswick demonstrates the point.

How many people have walked past this shop and looked at the goods on display and completely missed the beautiful stained glass in the very top of the window.

By the way the shop sells elegant stuff if your interested


Church of St Mary the Virgin, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

We are so fortunate to have these Churches preserved for the Nation. Even though this is a redundant Church there are people committed to maintaining its beauty and dignity for the world to enjoy.

It has been a regular place of worship for centuries and has some remarkable features including one of the tallest spires of any English Church and some beautiful stained glass. It’s Jesse window features scenes from the Old Testament prophets, Kings and scenes from¬† the life of St Bernard.

Additional windows were purchased in the early 19th century by the Reverend Rowland from the Abbey of Altenburg near Cologne and demonstrate the skill of German stained glass